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13rxtnle (e-mail: artist, destructive noise of all see Noisegood website

23 Sounds Recordings see Negatron Music

30hz Label with Jah Wobble stuff... anyone know why this is on CLAN? website

4 Flies On Grey Velvet see Hermetik Museum Rekordings

666 Volt Battery Noise (New York, USA)

69 Passion see Hermetik Museum Rekordings


A.I.P.R. (c/o A.Zimmermann, Hauptstr. 51-53, 56753 Pillig, Germany) in 1996 released a compilation CD (the kulture shot)

A.M.M. (c/o Edwin Prevost, UK) (e-mail: ) the legendary British improvisation act -bow lowly to the old school.

A.O.W.T.D. distribution see Spasmoparapsychotic rec

A.U.Media (86 N. Franklin st., Nyack, NY 10960, USA) (e-mail: home of Navicon Torture Technologies and label; NTT have stuff out also for Possessive Blindfold (a split CD with Noizguild) and Malignant records

Abfall (see Noiseweb) (NXBD Industries, P.O. Box 364, East Rutherford, NJ 07073 USA )(e-mail: american noise project; made split tapes with Armenia and Stimbox, have material released by Mothersavage, Fis Tapes UK, 12% Tapes… used to make also Fabrik zine (interviews and reviews of Lasse Marhaug, Armenia…) which has been substituted by Psignalpath webzine website

Abhorrent Creation tapes (15 rue Rossini, 62950 Noyelles Godault, France) (e-mail: label, released tapes by Ripit, Mourmansk 150, Noise Migranaaa, Napalmed and others

Abnormal Beer Terrorism records (Miha Novak, Kunaverjeva 4, SI-1117 Ljubljana, Slovenia) or Abnormal tapes. a D.I.Y. record label, releasing noise/experimental bands + grind/noise/crust bands; contributed to the realization of Hermit/Napalmed and Hermit/Scab 7" splits. also home of the shit project Snajper

Abnormal Tapes (Matjaz Galicic, Dragocajna 7A, 1216 Smlednik, Slovenia) (e-mail: see also Abnormal Beer Terrorism; a D.I.Y. tape-label with over 50 tapes released, from noise to punk; also a home of noise unit SIST EN 343 and the other half of A.B.T.

Achieve records (1130 Woodbridge Ln., Webster, NY 14580-8709, USA) new label into noise, grind etc; the first release is a 4-way split tape featuring Aural Torture Mechanism, Zombie Dead, Flammable Child and Gastrointestinal AtrocityAdipocere see Deadline records

Advanced Weapons Technologies (Shannon Townsend, PoBox 1245, Stockton, CA 95201, USA) home of US Robotics, Pesticide Applicator, Baphomet Flex and Futuristic Organ Harvester; label that deals harsh and similiar only, released the elegant tape-compilation "futuristic organ harvest" with Napalmed, Outermost, The End, US Robotics and others; a second volume is planned

Æter (Æter v/ Kirkegaard, Vesterfælled vej 1 c butik, 1750 Copenhagen V, Denmark) (e-mail: ) Æter is an audiovisuel group creating music, pictures and poetry from the existing souroundings. The concept is to arrange the coincidential meeting of sound and picture in "everyday symphonies" Æter has existed since 1995 and today it counts the following members: Gry Bagøien (Vocals, lyrics, loops, gurgeling, toys and radioscratch) Jacob Kirkegaard (Samplings, sequences, loops, beats and scratches) Morten Meldgaard (VJ, dialogs, video clips) website

Agents Of Provocation (PoBox 420988, San Francisco, CA 94142-0988, USA)

Agit8 see Last Chance Gasp

Ain Soph Aur (Frank Gauthier, 43 Lamartine, Levis QC, G6V 6L4 Canada)

Ajna Offensive label, released the Taint/Strict 7" split and a compilation on CD (how terrorists kill)

Alchemy of the 20th Century see Freak Animal Records

Alchemy Records (1-15-9-507 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542, Japan) home of Hijo Kaidan

Alhazred see Bear Walking records

Alien8 Recordings (PoBox 666, Station R, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2S 2L4)(e-mail: ) website

Allegory Chapel Ltd. (601 Van Ness Ave #E3-411, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA) website

Aluminum Noise (P.O. Box 66146 Greensboro, NC 27403, USA) (e-mail: can help with shows in North Carolina. Also have recordings available but label has stopped activities. website

AMB (Autotoxic Mental Bizarrerie) (T.Toki, 2-24-7-101 Nakamachi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158, Japan)

Ames Sanglantes (3445, rue Mayfair, Saint-Hubert, Québec Canada J3Y 5P3) The mighty noise project out of Canada with split releases and collaborations featuring many worldwide noise outfits. website

American Tapes (486 East Woodland, Ferndale, MI 48220-1339 USA) (e-mail:

AMK see Banned prod.

Anaphylaxis (e-mail: extremely varied experimental/noise from the USA. always looking for comps/remixes... website

Andrew Powell (1607 Judie Lane apt. g-10, Lancaster, PA 17603 USA) (e-mail: darkwave, experimental noise, garage ambient band on Blacklight Records. Projects include: twit/ch, lackthrow, miss blackchurch, a hymn for her, alOne productions, internal empty, spaztik, duodrone website

Android Productions (Final Judgement Church of the Great Oblivion) (PoBox 22103, Nashville, TN 37202-2103, USA) or (94 Fayette Ave, Buffalo, NY 14223-2708, USA) home of Praying For Oblivion; available their harsh-industrial CD and a split with The Violet Grind

Anemone Tube see Transfixional Entertainment

Angelica Rosenthal (Andrea Facciolli, Via Div. Garibaldi 34/a, 33100 Udine, Italy) experimental electro-noise project, has a tape out for Scrotum and another on Out Of Love.

Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase (Easthampton, MA, USA)

Anomalous Records (P.O. Box 22195,Seattle, WA 98122-0195 USA) large distro website

Anomie records (PoBox 35709, Houston, TX 77235-5709, USA) home of Walking Time Bombs

An Oxygen Auction (2060 Milford Square Pike, Quakertown, PA 18951, USA) (e-mail: old style industrial, drums, sheet metal, etc.

Andrea Cernotto (The Sodality) - (e-mail:

Andrew Smith (no fixed address, USA) (e-mail: website

Anenzephalia (postfach 12 10 12 68061 mannheim, germany)

Angelica Rosenthal (e-mail:

Ant Zen (c/o S.Alt, Lessingstr. 7A, 93049 Regensburg, Germany) (e-mail: released 7" and CD by Gerogerigegege, Contagious Orgasm, Iugula-Thor, Sshe retina Stimulants website

Antenna 59 see Chupa Verga Rex or Succhiasega Ind.

Anti Everything (22 Mallory St., Hampton, VA 23663, USA) (e-mail: home of A Sonic Deterrent and label, released tapes by Flatline Construct and MOZ website

Anti Musick (UK) released a Masonna 8"

Antibody see LoudCat prod. website

Auto-Ethik (Mallory #2, Hampton, VA 23663, USA) (e-mail: )

Apraxia (PoBox 85155, Seattle, WA 98145, USA) home of Blowhole and label; released a 7" by The Haters

Area X-69 (c/Samaniego 18 8B, 41008 Sevilla, Spain) this guy is also in Digital Parasite (noise-grind)

Armed and Loaded (PoBox 210024, San Francisco, CA 94121, USA) label

Armenia see Bizarre Audio Arts website

Art and Noise (NL) label

Art Directe (Box 31052, S-40032, Gothenburg, Sweden) reissued on CD an old work by Merzbow

Art Konkret (Schubertstr. 15, 69234 Dielheim, Germany) (e-mail: label (mostly tapes); released tapes of Macronympha, Third Organ, R.Ramirez, P.M.B., Soldnergeist; also a Soldnergeist CD. There’s a good 90 minutes compilation tape called "Nuclear assault"

Artware (c/o Donna Klemm, Taunusstr. 63B, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany) released an Entre Vifs CD and two CD noise compilations (Howard 31 and Dedication) with stuff by Hijokaidan, Aube, Macronympha, Contagious Orgasm, CCCC…, also released a great DeFabriek CD website

AS see Rarefazioni Uterine

Assumed (12801 usa) (e-mail: great label, realesed items by bastard noise, amps for christ, mr.brinkman, and the almighty mens recovery project website

Aspersive Worm (940 Beach Blvd. #304, Biloxi, Ms 39530-3767, USA) (e-mail: collage/noize/musick/spoken word/wtf... 2 track promo cdr out now...full length release soon

Astipalea (Hubert Napiorski, Prusa 1 , 09-200 Sierpc, Poland) (e-mail: Friendly new Polish label with old-school live noise experiments, of note: Thaw's "Hawaii Five-0" release. website

Astro see Endorphine Factory

Astrogenic Hallucinauting Project of Spike the Percussionist website

Atrax Morgue see Slaughter prod.

Aube see G.R.O.S.S. website

Audible XXY see Knot Music

Aural Torture Mechanism (Ryan, PoBox 527, Jarrettsville, MD 21084, USA) harsh project, made a split CD with Merzbow

Auricular (San Francisco, USA) label

Ausculture (c/o Randy Yau, 1052 Peach St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA) home of R.H.Y.Y., made a tape split with Government Alpha.

Aut (PO Box 6831, Wellington, New Zealand) Noise/concrete/electro-acoustic/improv project out of New Zealand. Appeared in noise compilations and has released several cd-r's of experimental audio.

Authorized Version (c/o Phil Julian, PO Box 37561, London SE25 6TE, UK) Cheap Machines harsh noise project's label. Split release with XV Parowek, Francisco Lopez release, etc.

AWB Recordings (Mark Solotroff) (e-mail: label that released a bunch of stuff by Intrinsic Action; dead by now

Azoikum see Verbannte Ende prod. website


B.A.O. (c/o Guglielmo, 97 Fenwick Place, London SW9 9NL, UK) home of Disumana Res, released tapes by Origami Replika and Big City Orchestra. Baal (email: :ambient and noise dealing with controversial subject matter: website talkgroup

Bacillus see Clotted Meat Portioning

Backward Records see Page 27 website

Bad Kharma (Kungsgatan 115, 90332 Umea, Sweden)

Bandaged Hand Produce (12a Kingswood Rd. Penga, London SE20 7BN, England) or (c/o Hillary Ave., Gravesend, Kent DA11 8NS, UK) home of Mlehst

Bankruptcy Audiocides (Canada) (e-mail: Home to the never famous Praying Gods experimental noise project (est. 1997) which inturn has spawned the even lesser well known Dier noise remixing project and the E. Victor C. rediculous music project. A catalogue 1/12th (?!?) the size of ZH27 and growing. website

Banned Productions (PoBox 323, Fremont, CA 94537-0323, USA) (e-mail: home of AMK; released 7" by Merzbow and Daniel Menche, tapes with Incapacitants, K2, MSBR, AMK

Bargain Basement (276 Old Loudon Rd, #8-D , Latham, NY 12110, USA) (e-mail: HALOGEN8@AOL.COM) Experimental/Noise

Barock Tapes (Konrad Hohendorf, Chemnitzer str.27, 09123 Chemnitz, Germany) shit noise label and home of Beissring, Rent-a-Fetus, Noise Corpse. Released about 20 tapes among which Drosophila, Einschlafhilfe, Hermit

Bastard Noise collateral noise project of the better known sludge-grind corers Man is the Bastard; made a CD for Release and a split LP with Spastic Colon

Bastian Kontrario (Eugenio Maggi, via Togliatti 46, 15055 Pontecurone (AL), Italy) home of Crìa Cuervos. ambient to harsh noise, split tape with Eniac and a compilation with Eniac, Blasphema Penetratio, Total Human Negation and Just Married Dead (all italian noise projects).

Binaric (Luca Mauri, via Lambro 8, 20038 Seregno (MI), Italy). Home of 00 (zero-zero) Harsh noise + electronics, released a demotape and a CD.

Bâtar Records (5090 Baillargeon, St-Hubert, Quèbec, J3Y 2A7 Canada) releases CD, eg. VROMB's Jeux De Terre/Lieu Et Matiere and "Les Enahisseurs" compilation.

Bawler Tape Productions (c/o Thomas Gith, Marienhof 18, 24939 Flensburg, Germany) or (Thomas Gith, Von-Hess-Weg 13, 20535 Hamburg, Germany) harsh noise and grind label and distro, in ’97 released elegant tapes by K2 and Anemone Tube; no more recent news

BB Tapes label website

Bear Walking Records (3564 HWY KK, PW, WI, 53074) home of Alhazred, find here their tapes (a split with Antibody…) and some future plans such as a 2CD compilation with MSBR, Cock ESP, Thirdorgan and other heroes, a series of spoken-word tapes and a tape compilation with 13 seconds per band only

Beast 666 Tapes changed name into Temple of Be Saint 777 and doesn’t deal noise anymore

Bekko Bunsen released tapes by Killer Bug and Macronympha

Beer Records (Miha Novak, Kunaverjeva 4, SI-1117 Ljubljana, Slovenia) a D.I.Y. label, which released 3 Noizart compilation tapes, and official shirts of Anonimni Alkoholiki, Outermost, Jalopaz, Hermit, Gore Beyond Necropsy etc.; also a home of shit-noise project, called Snajper and a half member of A.B.T.

Bete Noir (PoBox 153, El Rama, PA 15038, USA)

Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers (Phil Todd, 7 Woodside, Madeley, Crewe, Cheshire, CW3 9HA, England) English label and big distro, home of Ashtray Navigations and Dogliveroil, released a Pain Jerk / Dogliveroil collaboration CD and a series of ltd.ed. 100 copies noise tapes with special package; among the artists of this series find Incapacitants, Francois Douris, Lasse Marhaug, Aube, Adipocere. also very interesting the "a gift from the one you love / hate" compilations with Cock ESP, Thirdorgan, Expose Your Eyes, Dead Body Love ecc… lots of noise and not noise vinyl and CDs in distribution. website?

B-gore Rekords (Juan Herrero "Obeja", PoBox 7018, 08080 Barcelona, Spain) home of Gestorte Nachbarn (harsh) and El Kaso Urkijo (grind-crust). There’s a big grind/industrial/noise catalogue. Many split tapes by GN with Grunt,Outermost,Hermit,Napalmed,Deche Charge,Extreme Hair Stench…

Big City Orchestra see Ubuibi website

Bilateral Fratricide (Radek Vicherek, Jaroslavice 48, Zlìn 760 01, Czech Rep) project of tv played noisecore by two cousins; I think they quit after the first tape and a pair of tracks released on a Brutal Bird compilation. website

Biotape Art Org. (ITA) Italian label emigrated in England

Bizarre Audio Arts (Leonardo Sabatto, Centro Aereo #3687, PoBox 522970, Miami, FL 33152-2970, USA) or (c/o Leonardo Sabatto, PoBox 15206, Guyaquil, Ecuador) home of Armenia, project that took part of many compilations and made a 7" split with Hermit out for Garbage Society. The label released unnumerable split tapes website

Black Leather Jesus well known American "open project": when it split at the beginning of 1998 it counted 13 elements, best known ex-members are Richard Ramirez and MOZ, but many other ex BLJ members are still in noise now

Black Mass of Absu satanic-black-doom-sludge-hell noise (see Commercial Suicide Recordings)

Black Mayonnaise (e-mail:

Black Orchid Prod. (see Where Late The Birds Sang) label into experimental-dark stuff; has released tapes by Origami Arktika and Big City Orchestra; there’s a noise-only small sister label called Where Late The Birds Sang

Black Velvet Fuckere (PoBox 17317, Louisville, KY 40217, USA) recently released a videocompilation

Blackbean & Placenta Tape Club (14847 Septo st., Mission Hills, CA 91345, USA) (e-mail:

Blazen y Sharp (e-mail:

Bleurk prod. (19 av. Winston Churchill, 93190 Livry-Gargan, France) label into death, grind, noise etc., it’s preparing a CD compilation called "Cocks & Cunts"

Bloated Corpse Recs. (c/o Kenny Sanders, 29-11-107 Takinoi 4 Chome, Funabashi-shi, Chiba 274, Japan) (e-mail: home of Facialmess, the label released their splits with Lasse Marhaug (on tape) and with Suppression and Grunt (on vinyl)

Bloedvlad Products see New Noise (old name)

Bloodbath see Fatal Disease records website

Bloodlust! Productions (913 W. Cullerton Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60608-3430, USA)(e-mail: home of Mark Solotroff and his Bloodyminded project (born from the ashes of Intrinsic Action) who play power-electronics with vocals speaking of extreme sex and serial killers. Prints "the rape of angels" newsletter; the label released Mauthausen Orchestra, Sshe Retina Stimulants, The Sodality, Iugula-Thor etc. material

Bloodyminded see Bloodlust! prod.

Bob Marinelli see Distorted Vision records website?

Body And Blood Exploration (Toronto, CAN) dead label

Bog Art Products (GER) defunkt label

Boh Boh (Jun Kuramitsu, 1672 Mada, Amiga Fukuoka, 838 Japan) Noise and crazed comics, one time collaborator with Tuf

Bomb Shelter Props (USA) label

Bomp Rec. Greg Shaw, (USA) (e-mail: label

Boobtown Records (8 Midhurst Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA) released a grind-noise-shit 90 minutes tape compilation; contains also Cock ESP, Suppression, The Earwigs

Börft Records (J Sevensson, Hantverkareg.9B, 37135 Karlskrona Sweden) (e-mail: website

Brandon LaBelle (

Break Even records released Hermit/Roi Gibv split 7" and the non-harsh 7" by Hermit called "meekohtutrah"

Brighter Death Now (Roger Karmanik) (e-mail:

BRS Records (104 Washington st., Ayer, MA 01439, USA) released a Skin Crime tape

Brutal Bird Prod. (Jirì Pelikàn, Opavskà 1148, 70800 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Rep.) grind, noise, shit label; has a long list of records to tape you. Look for the "Noise for all" compilations

Building Of Gel (c/o Yukihiro Shii, 3-30-14 Hachimanyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156, Japan)

Burt Reynols Ensemble (BRE, Reynols) (Virrey Cevallos 592 1°-2, (1077) Buenos Aires, Argentina) (e-mail: impro-experimental project; the side-project Moncho Conlazo plays harsh-shit noise; find also solo stuff by the drummer Miguel Tomasin: all noise and screams. Look in the distros for their videotape with their crazy live appearances at the Argentinian TV; it’s also the centre of the south american brench of Origami Replika Also the contact for the Courtis project

BV Tapes (UK) defunkt label; had released a tape compilation and a Hex Minora tape


C.S. Tapes (Przemyslaw Jaskulski, Piastowska 24/4, 47-200 Kedz.-Kozle, Poland) home of TBR, low-brow label and distro of noise, experimental, grind etc. Released the TBR/Marduk (not the black metal ones!)/Ptao 3-way tape. Find mostly grind-shit in the distro, but also Hermit, Nevrio Acustico, Antenna 59.

Calypso Now (Rudi Tucher, SWZ) ( Swiss wildman, home taper and honker Rudi "Nisus Anal Furgler " Tucher.

Capeet Tapes (c/o Jan Gallhuber, Fenzlgasse 35/39, A-1140 Vienna, Austria) released "the industrial revolution" compilation, with Mr.Moto, Rautavaara, Yggdrasil and Hermit.

Carnal Hedon Coitus phd, lsd, std (POB 144, Ashville, PA 16613 USA) (e-mail: Harsh noise, experimental, shit, doom

Carsten Vollmer see Kadath

Cassette Mythos Rec. (PoBox 2391, Olympia, WA 98507, USA) (e-mail: tape label, and website where you can read lots of essays about hometaping culture, also published a book about it website

Cat Move (Kei Yokota, 064, Sapporo, Minami 7, Nishi 12, 2-5-304, Japan) home of the very prolific project Outermost and grind-noise side-projects Scab, Deadly Verity, Fat Elvis and Sinner’s Crime; find here Outermost split tapes with Bob Marinelli, Hermit, Sonic Disorder, Weird Vision, Napalmed, Grunt, Gestorte Nachbarn ecc.; also released a 7" split with Ecuadorian grinders Ruido de Odio and another (as Scab) with Hermit. Very good tape-compilations "Loud Tone"; there are also some tapes without Kei involved (Lasse Marhaug/Bad Kharma)

Cationic Cellulose Anal Derivative Polymer see Discos Al Pacino

Cause and Effect see Haltapes, 1980's experimental label of Hal and his friend Debbie (now in Master/Slave Relationship)

Caustic Tapes (Robert Vigneault, PoBox 308, Station M Montreal, que H1V 3M3, Canada) Tapes and LP by Catharsis

Cauterizer see Tantalus Recording Group

Caveat Emptor (Kirk Hellie / Edward Nervo, 4519 Tobias Ave., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-2822, USA)

Cazzodio see Interferenza Monotona (Piero Stanig, Via Romagna 66, 34134 Trieste, Italy) (E-mail: website

CCCC see Endorphine Factory

the Ceiling (Jim, P.O. Box 26086, 25 Frederick St., Kitchener, ON., N2H 6T4, Canada) (e-mail: releases mostly tapes (The Infant Cycle, A.E.R., Kirchenkampf, Waste Matrix, and others)

Chaos Tapes Incorporated see Verbannte Erde prod.

Chaotic Noise Productions (Jason Hodges, 1022 Summit Lane NW, Roanoke, VA 24017, USA) or (PoBox 14555, Richmond, VA 23221, USA) home of Suppression (crust R.I.P.) and Irreversible Neural Damage (grind-harsh) born in 1992, released noise/grind/HC/crust tapes (Ninth Massacre, Building of Gel, Lord Zillablaster, FAGGOT, The Earwigs) and co-produced with Satan’s pimp and Heartplug the enormous "Audio terrorism" CD compilation with 99 bands on (27 harsh ones like Merzbow, Pain Jerk, Hermit, Facialmess, Richard Ramirez…)

Charito Records (no longer active) see Industria Masoquista

Charles Bascom (Box 333, 145-149 Cardigan rd., Leeds, LS6 1LJ, UK) website?

Charles Krutzen (Verschuurstraat 53, 6415 EV Heerlen, Netherlands) (e-mail: Charles is doing a lot of Noise and poetry-performance and electronics & experimental works

Charnel Music (PoBox 170277, San Francisco, CA 94117-0277, USA) home of The White Rose, released, in 1996, the first Cock ESP CD, then Crash Worship, Torture Chamber, Allegory Chapel Ltd, Walking Timebombs etc. website

Cheeses International (783A Christchurch Rd., Bournemouth, Dorset BH7 6AW, UK) released a K2 CD

Childish (22 Henry St, Sayreville, NJ 08872, USA) (e-mail: Loud Cat Productions sister-label of free tapes; here stuff by Eunuch, The Violet Grind, Convert Operator, Reynols, Hirntod, 222, I.M.F., etc. website

Chink see Succhiasega ind.

Chlamydia Test Cloud see Melody Breaker records

Chop Shop (e-mail: Californian harsh project

Chupa Verga Rex (c/o Galuppini, viale s.Bartolomeo 367, 19126 La Spezia, Italy) (e-mail: my own unspecialized tape label home of Antenna 59, Nave and Carnaio; released about 50 tapes. The harsh tapes released are those by Antenna 59 (splits with Ames Sanglantes, C.O.36 – Amnesia State, Outermost, Chink and Astro). The same bands are also releasing stuff for the sister label Succhiasega Ind. There’s also a porno side project of a59 called Antenna 69 that only releases stuff for Rarefazioni Uterine.

Chris Blazen (vicolo del cinque, 59, 00100 italy) bassifondi orchestra is the new group of the ex-blazen y sharp ,ex-lab report, ex-spacecraft member

Churn Tapes (206 e. 12th St. Apt.A, Greenville, NC 27858, USA) home of Nexus 6, used also to release stuff with his own name (Theo, Theo Goodman…); it’s a good harsh noise tape-label, produced about 10 tapes by now (The Violet Grind, Bob Marinelli, Abfall, Flatline Construct, Expose Your Eyes…), lots of jap harsh CDs in distro (MSBR, K2…) website

Circle Arts (USA) label

Circuit Wound (e-mail: Harsh, Experimental Noise website

Clate records (14 Groveland Ave., East Quoque, NY 11942, USA) website

Climax (c/o Becourt, 3 rue du Senegal, 75020 Paris, France) released a LP compilation in 1996

Clotted Meat Portioning (Bacillus, 323 Belmont Ave., E.#3 Seattle, WA 98102, USA) home of the eco-friendly one-man-band Bacillus (Peter Keller) born in 1993 and recently dead. In 1996 Bacillus made tapes also on Slaughter prod., Self Abuse and Deadline labels.

Club DNA (c/o 1000 Fryd, Kattesundet 10, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark) (e-mail: booking agency organizing noise shows in Aalborg and Copenhagen, home of Kummerlige Forhold, contact here also Marquis Konspirator, Maalet Helliger Midlet 666 and Luca Brasi’s Revenge (all harsh except the last one, which is ambient); all projects can be listened on "Aalborg Noise Jihad" CD: a document of that city scene

Club Skull (Japan)

Clutter (PoBox 1047, 15080 A Coruna, Spain)

CMH records (USA) label

Co Caspar (c/o Cedric Peyronnet) (e-mail:

Coca Core (Sandi Kadilnik, Dol.Bostanj, Matija Drobne, Pod Vrtaco 15, 8290 Sevnica, Slovenia) released Hermit/Dickless split

Cock ESP see EF tapes website

Cold Meat Industry/Death Factory (PoBox 1881, 581 17 Linkoping, Sweden) label website

Cold Spring Records (8 Wellspring, Blisworth, Northants, NN7 3EH, England) label specialized in dark/industrial, released CD by CCCC, Masonna, Merzbow… website

Comando Bruno (Apartado 163, Andujar, 23740, Spain) (e-mail: Legendary noise project from Spain born in 1981 and still working in music and video. Released already 40 works in tape and records y various labels all over the wolrd an in his active record label ECDM, and a lot of compilations.

Commercial Failure (USA) released a Haters mini LP ages ago; must be dead now website?

Commercial Suicide Recordings (p.o. box 638,kenmore branch, Buffalo NY, 14217, USA) (e-mail: noise label-home of Ostomy,Towpath,Black Mass of Absu, & Riverside ArtScene 'Zine

Con-Dom (Control-Domination) (2 Farnley Lane, Otley LS21 2AB, England) noise project founded by Mike Dando in 1983; collaborated with Haters and Grey Wolves, released a vinyl LP (The Eight Pillar) and the 7" "Oh Ye Of Little Faith". Most of their stuff is out for the french label Sound For Consciousness Rape

Consumer Electronics (Philip Best, 317A Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon CR0 6RF, England UK) defunkt

Contagious Orgasm see SSSM website

Contaminated/Deathwar Records (206 Chatham Street L, Brantford, ON N3S 4G8, Canada) (e-mail: Have released cassettes by Flatline Construct, Hatredsurge, Terrible Noise Shit, Alien Death, among others. Contaminated is the more experimenmtal district, whereas Deathwar is for ONLY the harshest, and most extreme releases. Catalog available.

Contaminated Prod. (c/o Raffaele Gallucci, via Lungo Calore 12, 82100 Benevento, Italy) home of E.A. (every time that stands for something different…): 10 years old art collective into mail-art, squats etc; tapes are vaguely ambient/noise and can be found in many noise distros around.

Contamination Diet (e-mail:

Controlled Bleeding (c/o Paul Lemos: 54 Locust St., Massapequa, New York 11758, USA) started as a noise band, now more into industrial, the original mind behind it (Paul Lemos) is not in the group anymore

Controlled Filter see Deadline records

Cornucopia (Valle Alto, Calle 4, B-22, 00731 Ponce, Puerto Rico) (e-mail: noise project from Puerto Rico.

Courie Elizabeth (USA) (e-mail: ambient to harsh noise, samples, layers, home recordings, noise in relation to Thelema and Magick. website

Crack Fierce see United Syndacate

Crack Steel (3-45-103 Wakamiya, Nakano, Tokyo 165, Japan) made a split with Mo*te

Crank Incorporado (14 Walk Hill St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, USA) home of Crank Sturgeon

Crank Sturgeon see Crank Incorporado

Crawl Unit see Povertech industries

Crib (Devin Sarno) (e-mail: website

Crionic Mind (4644 Geary Boulevard #105, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA) home of Gruntsplatter, label extreme metal and experimental noise linked to Worm Gear zine; released Torture Chamber / Gruntsplatter split tape

Crow (Richard Crow, 109 Corbyn, London N4 3BX UK) (e-mail: Crow is the mind behind "the institute of rot" and is part of Diastolic Murmers, Conspiracy website

Crush Hazard see Ellicott Station

Crustwar (PoBox 700, Brunswick Lwr., Victoria, Australia 3056) home of Noise Disease, released their split tape with Machine Death

CTC see Melody Breaker rec.

Culver see Matching Head

Cyber Blast records (4236 Pioneer #2083 Irving, TX 7506,USA) (e-mail: digital-death-coldwave-powernoise-ambiant-soundscapes website


D-503 (e-mail: website

D.L. Savins T.X. (486 e.Woodland, Ferndale, MI 48220-1339, USA) or (232 South Foster, Lansing, MI 48912-4024, USA)

d/S see R.Ramirez, project involving Richard and MOZ, dead by now

Daarlig Stemning (c/o BTB, Valdemarsgade 56, St. tsee, 1665 Kbh.SEE, Denmark) harsh/black metal project (?) then evolved into techno, no recent news anyway…

Dachise (c/o Paul D.Knowles, 19 Ashton Court, 46 Western Road, Branksome Park, Poole, Dorset, BH13 6EU, England) harsh project

Daniel Menche (4030 N.E. 74, Portland, OR 97213, USA) website

Darkness Productions (Michael Krause, Wiesertsweiler 2, 88069 Tettnang, Germany) siamese twins of Transfixional Entertainment (all productions are co-productions). Also home of Yggdrasil, I suspect.

Daron Key (2108 1/2 lincoln ave alameda ca 94501, usa) (e-mail: web site for knott of science

Daruin see Neus-318

Darwin (Darwin Koh, 777-B Galicia St Sampaloc, Manilla 1008, Philippines) noise/grind core distro.

Das Syntetische Mischgewebe (Guido Hubner, 7 rue Laplace, 14000 Caen, France) (e-mail: German artist, now residing in Franc, has been active in recordings since the early 80s website

Daughters Of Raya (Nedre Ralingsvei 183, 2000 Lillestrom, Norway)

David Gilden (7911 Duffield, Houston, TX 77071, USA) noise artist, released a good tape compilation called "fratricide"

DBD Records (Ryuzi Kagaya, 1f Yoshido Apartment, 8 Minami 4 Nishi Abashiri, Hokkaido 093 Japan) dufunkt (?) noise label featuring Contagious Orgasm, Cheap Bombing, etc.

De Fabriek (Richard Van Dellen, PoBox 1135, 8001 BC, Zwolle, The Nederlands) old-school post-industrial project; made a split 7" with K2 , many tapes, cds and lps out website

Dead Body Love see Less Than Zero website

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, (e-mail: The advent of snap crackle pop website

Deadline Noise Recordings (17010 Blairwood, Houston, TX 77049, USA) home of Richard Ramirez, the best known noise artist from Texas, formerly in Black Leather Jesus; also known with his many pseudonyms (Adipocere, Controlled Filter, Demeulemeester, Thee Know…) appeared on dozens of tapes and CD. His label released his own stuff plus Thirdorgan, MSBR, Crank Sturgeon ect. website?

Deafborn Records (GER) (e-mail: home of Rectal Surgery

Death Squad (c/o Michael Contreras, PoBox 411315, San Francisco, CA 94141-1315, USA) website

Deathpile (Jonathan Canady, Denver, USA) solo noise project of a Dead World member website

Debila Records (Nejc Pockar, Kregarjeva 1, SI-8250 Brezice, Slovenia) or (Veljko Terzic, Kettejeva 10, SI-8250 Brezice, Slovenia) crust-grind-noise label and distro; released about 30 tapes, lots of Balcanic shit-grind and Hermit, Recalcitrant, Antenna 59…; also this label contributed to the making of Scab/Hermit split 7"

Decaer Pinga see Prick Decay

Dedali Opera (c/o Alain Basso: Les Devants de Promery, 74370, Pringy, France) label

Dedfuk Records (50 Simcoe St., Ottawa, Ont, K1S 1A4, Canada) sad small grind distro (promo stuff by Dismember, Bolt Thrower…); but you can find also, for example, Ames Sanglantes / The Violet Grind split tape website

De Hondenkoekjesfabriek (PoBox 68-7700ab-dedemsvaart, the netherlands) (e-mail: electronics and demented artnoisetheatre, home of monobrain, vulvax, truck van rental, mayoman & more website

Deison see Loud!

Dier website

Deliria Productions (1) (PoBox 302, 71603 Ludwigsburg, Germany) as far as i know it’s a distro and label dealing everything between ambient, grind and noise.

Deliria productions (2) (c/o Frank Riesinger, PoBox 29 14, 74019 Heilbronn, Germany) don’t know if it’s a case of omonimy or he simply moved… this one released the first Catasexual Urge Motivation CD (grind stuff, yes).

Dementia see Loathsome Noise prod.

Demeulemeester see Deadline records

Demonosound see Some Place Else

Dethfuk (189 Dowling ave 5, Toronto, ON, M6K 3B2, Canada) also a label called 7hz

Deutsch Nepal distro website

Diagram:A see Sound Probe Recordings

Dier (London, ONT, Canada) (e-mail: Dier is the remix project & Praying Gods is the noisy one. website1 website2

Diesel Guitar see Good Microphone

Diktat (Daniele Armenante, via Chiassetto s.Marco 10, 56100 Pisa, Italy)

Dirter promotions (PoBox 61, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 8GA, UK)

Disaster Economics (c/o Jon Borges, 856 East San Joaquin, Tulare CA 93274, USA) (e-mail:, Extreme static-harsh noise trio comprising members of Delayed Sleep and Pedestrian Deposit among others. website

Discordance see Dead Body Love website

Discos Al Pacino (c/o Hagamoto Yamocho, Box 3051, E Burnsville Pkwy, Suite #327, Burnsville, MN 55337, USA) mostly into grind tapes, but also harsh is dealt; home of Pantalones Abajo Marinero, Sauce, Cationic Cellulose Anal Derivative Polymer, Micah X: listen them all on the "Pacino Grande" compilation website

Dislocation (Japan)

Dissecting Table (203 Corp Satsuki 40-13 Sakaecho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan) website

Distemper (PoBox 478543, Chicago, IL 60647, USA) label

Distorted Vision Records (300 West 4th St., Mt.Carmel, PA 17851, USA) home of Bob Marinelli, releases good-looking tapes, see the split with Outermost website

DITO produzio/azioni (via P.Palermo 56, 91011 Alcamo (TP), Sicilia, Italy) (e-mail: website1 website2

DMDN (Jac van Bussel) label called Midas music, it's the solo project of Jac van Bussel, who also plays in a group called THU20

DMK music (Daniel Gonzalez, c/Bernardo Vazquez 6, 36350 Nigran, Pontevedra, Spain) home of Pina Colada, crapshitharsh noise project

Dog (Steve and Jeff, 922 Broadway Somerville, MA 02144, USA) wretched noise act which was in that famous Release compilation; the unluckiest fans can look for their 7" out for Stomach Ache records

Dog Shit Records (PoBox 5734 (or 5830???), West End, Brisbane, QLD 4101, Australia) released "extreme toilet humour" compilation with Black Leather Jesus, Hermit, R.Ramirez and much more grind-noise. Also home of harsh project Machine Death

Dogliveroil see Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers

Dolore Caldo see Rarefazioni Uterine

Don Campau see Lonely Whistle music

Doomsday Transmissions see the Ceiling

Drone Records (Baraka[H] / S. KnappeBohnenstrasse 14, 28203 Bremen , Germany) impressive distro of electronic, industrial and noise music.

Dual Plover (PoBox 983, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia 2010)

Dune Records (via G.Marconi 32, 50131, Firenze, Italy) Independent Music label

Dyslexis Coup see Left Deviation records

Dysmorphia website


E(r)ostrate (BP 165, 33036 Bordeaux, Cedex, France) label website

E.A. see Contaminated prod.

E.C.T. (909 Page St San Francisco CA, 94117 usa) (e-mail: electronic experimental project from SF microlabs. website

E.F. Tapes (PoBox 14013, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414-0013, USA) (e-mail: label founded in 1992 by Cock ESP, one of the best known American noise acts; the label is no more as far as i know, Cock ESP are still alive instead. The label released more than 150 tapes and had a great distro list. SunShip records, founded by the same people, is still active and releases records like Wrong, "free" side project of Cock ESP website

E + J Rec. label website

E.L.P. see Noisegood

E. Victor C. (London, Ontario, n6e 3h1, Canada) (e-mail: recorder of Praying Gods embarks on a solo project. website mp3

Earthling see Human Magnetics

Earwigs see Moth

Eat Dead Flies (e-mail: cassette series website

Ecclesiastical Scaffolding (Australia) (e-mail: website

ECDM see Comando Bruno

ECO (e-mail: a very small record label from puerto rico. specializing in microsound, ambient, noise and musique concrete recordings

Ecto Tapes (Oklahoma, USA) "prissy redneck noise attempts... sad more than can only hope they are defunct"

EE Tapes (Eriek Van Havere, Clement Heirmanstraat 10, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) or (Sven Vercauteren, Breedstraat 271, B-9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) label of experimental ambient/electronic tapes. Made 12 volumes of a "Notre Dame" compilation about "the human being"(?) and 4 volumes of "Elegy" about life and death… among the projects enclosed in those compilations find Expose Your Eyes, Mr.Moto, Yggdrasil, The Haters.

EHI see FDR tapes

Einschlafhilfe see Scrotum rec.

EKO products (NL) label

Electronic Play-Girl (Ricky Sick , 112 Carden St. , Hendersonville Tn., 37075 USA) new D.I.Y. experimental/noise act from the Nashville area.

Electro Institut (33 rue Nicolas Chorler, 38000 Grenoble, France) home of Vivenza

Eleven (2239 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ONT M5A 2E4, Canada) noise project

Ellicott Station (PoBox 787, Buffalo, NY 14205-0787, USA) home of Crush Hazard

Emil Beaulieau see RRRecords

Emil Hagstrom website?

Endiche VIS.SAT (Marius Jarasius, v Ziemiu 28a-38, 3031, Kaunas, Lithuania - Europe) [Put a "crown" on "Z" in "Ziemiu"! (v).] they play experimental, industrial and new age music with cheap CDs to buy, CD for music therapy, fully downloadable albums on mp3, creative writing contest, concert photos, free music screensaver. website

Endorphine Factory (1st-303, 1-17-6 Kikuna, Kohhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, 222 Japan) (e-mail: home of CCCC, very well known jap act (also for their body-art performances); studio recorded stuff is much better for me anyway. Here contact also Astro: solo thing of one of the members (Hiroshi Hasegawa), another side project is called Mortal Vision

Enema for President (c/o F. Weinstock/ PO Box 1877/ Kapaa HI 96746, USA) (e-mail: live free or die. but die anyway. noise, music, sound of the radical type. participation invited. website

Ensemble Sacres Garcons collaborative project between Mark Solotroff (Bloodyminded) and Andrea Chiaravalli (Iugula-Thor)

Entartete Kunst Records (35 Ambleside drive, London, Ontario, Canada N6G 4M3) label, released in ‘97 the double CD compilation "screw" website

Entre Vifs solo project from a member of Le Syndacate

Epileptic see Maxi Noise Sensation

Epitapes (c/o Mike Tetrault, PoBox 458, Sunderland, MA 01375, USA) releases compilations on a theme, find all sorts of music icluding our beloved noise - active largely from the late eighties to the mid-ninties

Erostrate website

Etherworld (PoBox 15374, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA) label

Evan's Prosthetic Limb (820 Grove St, Meadville PA, 16335 USA) (e-mail: Small label in Western PA, releasing handfuls of noise tapes and cd-rs. website

Evil Moisture (Andy Bolus c/o Erik Minkkinen, 68bis rue Pellepôrt, Paris, 75020 France) (e-mail:

Exit Prod. (Syky Sykora, Sakarova 525, Tyn Nad Vltavou, 375 01 Czech Rep) tapes on the Czech fashion: grind, HC, crust, shit, noise

Exoteque Music released a series 90 minutes tape compilations (stimulus & response)

Expose Your Eyes see Fiend

Extraction Records (PoBox 1213, Quogue, NY 11959, USA) label, released tapes by Stimbox, Government Alpha, K2, Armenia, Lasse Marhaug, Macronympha, R.Ramirez ecc.

Extreme (PoBox 147, Preston 3072, Victoria, Australia) or (mail order) (Backroads Music, 418 Tamel Plaza, Corte Madera CA 94925, USA) (e-mail: label dealing avant and experimental stuff; released some Merzbow CD; has addresses in USA, Canada, Germany, but the main is the Australian one website

Extreme Freedom released Third Organ / Cock ESP split tape

Ezart (Hessel Veldman, NL) label


F.A.G.G.O.T. Liberation Orchestra (FLO) (PoBox 11016, Oakland, CA 94611, USA) same address of Muzumuzu Suru; both projects use traditional instruments (bass, drums…) but with a very high distortion level

F2rc see Nervecentre

Fab.44 see Square D. rec.

Fabrik see Abfall

Face Like A Smaked Arse (FLASA) (Joinson, 216 Dividy rd., Stoke on Trent, ST2 9JT, UK) home of the homemade improv project Wagstaff, tape label of the same kind (similar to Matching Head) among the old tapes find Cock ESP, Cute Horse and Stracagno

Facialmess see Bloated Corpse recs. website

Factory Of Noise (Laurent Ospital, 26 rue Desaix bt.3 esc.3, 78800 Houilles, France) brutal harsh one-man-band

Fat Kids In Gay Porn (USA) (e-mail: Harsh sick nonsense website

Fatal Disease records (Daniel Peschl, J.C.Hronskeho 16, 831 02 Bratislava, Slovakia) home of Bloodbath, released their split with Oral Climax

Fatal Impact (France) power electronics

Fckn' Bstrds (PoBox 68-7700AB-dedemsvaart, the netherlands) (e-mail: Dutch noisehooligans/chaosnoise collective, Dutch noiseacts play together for total trash experience.. website

Fee Seize (c/o Warlock Jon Arcane) (J. Richardson,P.O. Box 22702,Baltimore,Maryland 21203, USA) (e-mail: The Fee Seize consists mainly of noise,but also short,sick,twisted songs with recognizable lyrics here and there. Should appeal to those with a wide variety of noise/chaotic /scum related tastes. Available on cassette and CD-R , CD's available soon. Anyone with the guts to inquire /collaborate/ playa hate/ masturbate/ or desecrate welcome.

FDR tapes (Brian Noring, 1258 East 25th Street, Des Moines, IA 50317-2619, USA) (e-mail home of EHI and 360 Sound, very prolific in improv and noise tape production; stuff by Richard Ramirez on the list too website

Feel Free tapes (c/o Joselito Sional, 230 Col.Santos st., South Cembo Makati, 1200 Philippines) crust-grind-noise tape label; released among the others a compilation called "6 O’Clock Noise" featuring Napalmed, Outermost, Hermit, Sonic Disorder etc…

Fiend (c/o Paul Harrison, 19 Victor Rd., Bradford BD9 4QN, UK) home of Expose Your Eyes and tape-label. There are lots of EYE tapes and also by other non-noise experimental acts. Find interesting splits with Thirdorgan, Lasse Marhaug, Audible XXY, Bob Marinelli, IMDP, Ames Sanglantes; some are available on CD too

Final Exit see Su19b

Final Judgment Church ov the Great Oblivion home of Praying for Oblivion. (See Praying For Oblivion)

Fish Distribution see Psychoelectronic Sounds recordings

Flaming Beaver Records R.I.P.see Freedome From (e-mail: home of 200 Years Old Wolf Pussy, released tapes and vinyl by Reynols, Toru Kumon, etc. recently melted with Freedom From

Flat Earth Records (PoBox 169, Bradford, BD1 2UJ, UK) label, mostly into crust-grind, but also released "You’re on your own" CD compilation with noise and experimental bands on, harsh ones are Jalopaz, Joshua Norton Cabal, Jerstice, Charles Bascom, Leo Slayer, StalingradJelly Joshua Norton cabal can be found at e-mail:

Flatline Construct (FlatCon) see Let It Rot

Flutter (c/o Jeff Nauta, 4158 Spruce Hollow, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, USA) (e-mail: website

Fools Paradise (BEL) label

Force Majeuere (bp 197, 59025 Lille Cedex, France) label

Fork Muzik (Asee D Joao No 14 5° DTO, 2830 Barrerio, Portugal) home of X-Zummer website

Francisco Lopez (Apartado 2542, 28080 Madrid, Spain) (e-mail: conceptual, austere, minimal and sometimes noisy recordings, tapes and cds available

Francois Douris see Les Disques Bruitises website

Frank Gauthier see Worthless Human Flesh

Freak Animal Records (PoBox 21, 15141 Lahti, Finland) "noise, power electronics, industrial, ambient" label home of Grunt and Alchemy of the 20th Century, released vinyls and CD with CCCC, Jalopaz, Aube, The Haters, Facialmess, Grunt, Lasse Marhaug, Bad Kharma, Macronimpha, Bastard Noise and others; also home of "freak animal" zine.

Freedom From… (PoBox 582391, Mpls, MN 55458-2391, USA) (e-mail: label, released Cock ESP / Harry Pussy collaboration 8" and loads of noise and non-noise stuff website

Freedom in a Vacuum (CAN) home of Violence & the Sacred... non credo esista ancora

Freek Records (PoBox 3585, London NW3 3RH, England) don’t know if this label is alredy alive; in 1995 released Consumer Electronics CD with Merzbow website

Frigorifero Productions (PoBox 427, 51100 Pistoia, Italy) label of the impro/free artist Jacopo Andreini, every now and then he also plays noise with his Opocaj project

Frustapes (Amandaman, Holland) home of Hahamandad

Fuck the Facts (50 Simcoe st, Ottawa ON, K1S 1A4, Canada)

Fuck Yourself Records (USA/Germany) label, released an Intrinsic Action CD

Fusetron (PoBox 50269, Loring Station, Minneapolis, MN 55405-0269, USA) label which released Cock ESP/Merzbow 7" in 1994

Future Sperm Brazil see Garlic